Where is My Art :::
Net Art: Sept 2006-Sept 2007

Where Is My Art?
was a net.art work contained at the the URL www.whereismyart.com between September 2006 and September 2007.

The work was sold in a limited edition of 12 CDs via art vending machines in Dublin, each edition costing €5. Each purchaser received a password and had exclusive rights over the contents of this website subject to the license for the period of one calender month. At the end of the calender month the password was changed and the rights to the website passed onto the next purchaser.

The content of the website was known only to the purchaser and to the artist. The content changed from month to month.

At the end of the year all content on the website was deleted and the url expired.


The Vending Machine Art Project

vending machine


Vending Machine